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Le Clin d'Œil is interested in biodynamic and organic methods of cultivation that respect the environment and promote well-being: no fungicides, insecticides or herbicides that weaken the soil in depth. These methods, which combine "good living" and respect for the cycles of nature, are mindful of the synergies that govern our ecosystem. Moved by this desire to share and pass on our passion, we offer our clients wines that are off the beaten track, still little known to the general public, and which stand out for their combinations of grape varieties, their vinification and their flavours on the palate.

To accompany our tasting menus, our sommelier composes excellent "food-wine" balances thanks to a fine selection of biodynamic wines from reasoned cultures where the care given to the "mother earth" is the priority of the winegrowers. Our mission: To reveal your character traits for a unique experience you will remember.

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